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Cathy's Crochet


Jan 8, 1999 04:51

Your web page is great! I haven't crocheted in a long while but seeing your web page and reading about crocheting makes me want to pick up the yarn & hook and have some fun!

Cathy Ruddy

Jan 08, 1999 13:12

Cathy's Crochet

I've had a lot of fun working on this web site. I hope everyone who visits has fun too.

CJ Ruddy

Jan 10, 1999 08:44

Good work sweetie,:)

Marilyn Safier

Jan 31, 1999 18:03

Nice job Cathy! I liked the "cheescake and glass of wine comment! Different from thje ordinary "cuppa joe", from a sister Crochetpartner, Marilyn

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Feb 14, 1999 03:47

Crochet 'N' More

Hi Cathy: I haven't surfed your site much but I think it's GREAT so far. I wanted to wish you luck with your crochet site as I have had much luck with mine. More visitors than I could've ever imagined and the numbers seem to increase each day. Stop by my site again sometime :o)

Jeannie Chapman

Feb 16, 1999 02:05

enjoyed the visit!!


Feb 16, 1999 17:21

Just Surfed on and I'm enjoying your web site. Keep up the good work.


Feb 21, 1999 21:04

Hi, I was just surfing the sweethearts of the web webring, this is how I found your homepage.. *s* Nice site you got here.  I met my fiance over the web, too, but our situation is a little bit different, as he is from the US and I am from Germany.. But we are working on it, just waiting for my visa for the US so we can get married.  If you want to read more, please come and visit my page. Oh, and as to signing guestbooks.. I know what you are talking about.. we got over 1000 hits, and not even 100 entries in the guestbook.. anyways, keep up the good work and love.

Cyber Wives!

Feb 23, 1999 08:54

nice page, seems we have a lot in common, come join us!


Feb 26, 1999 19:39


Another great triumph for my wife!!

Shirley Ruddy

Feb 26, 1999 22:03

This is the fist time I have visited a web page. It is very interesting. You have done a good job.

Tammy Montefinese

Mar 3, 1999 12:05

Stopped in because you signed my guestbook. The church where you had your wedding is beautiful. I am going to add your page to my pattern site links.

Mary L Thompson

Mar 6, 1999 22:03

Nice Graghics This is coming from a Little Irish person Happy St. Patrick's Day


Mar 11, 1999 12:53

Hi Cathy, I really like your site--especially your fun page--I played yahtzee. I also like your pattern page (I am a pattern a hollic)

Florence Boderick

Mar 14, 1999 23:09

I'll check back later to view your addtions. Nice work so far


Mar 17, 1999 07:12

I wood like some doll crochet patterns Thank you for patterns

Lisa Sparks

Mar 25, 1999 12:29

love your site, music is pretty nice too!

Debbie Locke

Mar 28, 1999 02:10

Saw you link on a crochet list and could not resist coming. This is a great place to be. You have done a good job. You are in my favorites now:)

Donna/BizzeeB Craft Newsletter

Mar 30, 1999 20:51

Please e-mail us for a sample issue.

Sandy Rolene

Apr 17, 1999 01:42

The crochet web sites are great! I am very excited to try the bookmarker. Do you have a pattern for a corner bookmarker? I have been looking for one and have not been able to find a pattern and am not talented enough to make my own pattern. Thank you for such a nice web site.


Apr 17, 1999 21:50

I have enjoyed my have made a lovely home here on the web...I came in off my sweethearts of the web ring....I have met the love of my life on ICQ so drop in on us and let us know what you think...keep up the good work....Cindy

Alyce Witt

Apr 22, 1999 17:45

I really like your site, very interesting.


Apr 23, 1999 17:24

Very Interesting

Donna/BizzeeB Craft Newsletter

May 7, 1999 19:52

Please e-mail us for a free sample issue.

Donna/BizzeeB Craft Newsletter

May 13, 1999 20:24

Please e-mail us for a free sample issue. I enjoyed my visit here.

Mary Merth

May 13, 1999 21:42

Loved your site, especially yahtzee game.

Patricia Himes

May 16, 1999 10:24

Great page! I was surprised to find the Yahtzee game - an all-time favorite. The crochet information and links are terrific, too - my original reason for visiting. Thanks!


May 21, 1999 16:15

Nice site you have shaping up. I too am working on fashion doll designs, I have them crocheted, but pattern needs to be written out, that is the hardest part isn't it ? Good luck :-)


May 26, 1999 20:06


Sr. Carol Nolan

May 26, 1999 23:07

Wonderful website!


May 28, 1999 21:13

Great so far...I haven't checked out the links yet though... What is the deal with the horoscope box ad? Don't care for that kind of activity...

Bahama Small

May 30, 1999 17:43

Cathy- Miss ya! Look's like you've been busy! Hope all is well!

Pat Moore

Jun 1, 1999 08:34

I really enjoyed everything on your page, I now am able to send cards to all friends and family.


Jun 5, 1999 09:38



Jun 5, 1999 19:58

great ideas. love your dishcloths. looking for more different dishcloth patterns.


Jun 6, 1999 18:57

found your sight while surfing. I love to crochet and am always looking for new patterns. I bookmarked so I can come back when I have more time to browse. Your site looks great. Looking forward to spend more time looking. Good luck and congratulations .

roxann schmidt

Jun 14, 1999 20:53

i like easy and fast crochet patterns so if you have any pleases send them

Pam Martin

Jun 17, 1999 19:01

I enjoyed your page very much! Hope to visit it again soon!


Jun 19, 1999 13:15

I thought maybe I'd see a bag or tote pattern on your page but I didn't. I am looking for a neat bag pattern to make for my bag exchange partner. I did like your site, tho! deb

Pam Mellone

Jun 22, 1999 00:05

I enjoy your site and the many that are linked to it. My first passion is knitting but I am becoming an avid crocheter as well. Keep up the good work.

Carrie Butler

Jun 23, 1999 18:58

Hey hun! Your web page is so cool! I love it! Good job! I don't know how you did all this but it's the best! I love your work! And your house! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! Great job!!!! :)


Jun 29, 1999 18:01

What a fun page. I think it is wonderful how you and your Husband met. I must also comend you on your add for missing children Thank you for being concerned for those special little people. I will visit again, I can't wait to try one of your patterns.Thanks again


Jun 30, 1999 12:04

i love to crochet and your page and links are great i am always looking for new things to crochet. thanks a lot


Jun 30, 1999 20:31

this is a fun place thanks for free patterns


Jul 4, 1999 23:42

Sailor Pluto & Outer Senshi Shrine

I really like your page I got some really great ideas about what to make for my Mom's birthday!My Mommom will also love the patterns!


Jul 6, 1999 20:50

Hi Cathy, I liked your site alot, and also the yahtzee game. I am addicted to crochet and sufing the web. Thanks again for a great site.Keep up the good work! G'Day Mate


Jul 16, 1999 12:49

i would like it if you had more on afgans. but other wise it was good.


Aug 1, 1999 01:52

Hi! this is a great website!

Lillian Harriman

Aug 2, 1999 09:07

I have been looking for a dishcloth pattern for a long time now. I think they are lovely. Now I know what the family is getting foe Christmas. Than you for your hard work in doing this web site. Keep up the good work. Take care and THANK YOU THANK YOU very much. Lillian Harriman

Pat simkin

Aug 2, 1999 13:59

Great site. Love the Potholder pattern. Its so nice when you find a site with good music too. Thanks Pat

Diane McIntyre

Aug 2, 1999 16:23

I designed a cast toe cover years ago for my own ankle. It's the same as yours save I chained a ballet slipper tie to keep the cover on so I could continue on with life. Perhaps you should add ties to your cover as I did. Then, the cover won't slip off. Just a suggestion.

Harriette Vinson

Aug 2, 1999 16:41

I like free patterns


Aug 2, 1999 18:17

these are really pretty patterns.

Pat Simkin

Aug 2, 1999 21:39

Great page--lots of imformation.

Marilyn Safier

Aug 8, 1999 02:07

Very nice patterns and I enjoyed seeing your finished projects--as well as your cat! I'm a cat lover too!

Linda Walker

Aug 11, 1999 22:12

I enjoyed yor page very much

Tara Blenderman

Aug 13, 1999 22:22

Can't wait to try the pot holder.

Jan Hughes

Aug 26, 1999 16:58

Just looking around the net. Am trying to find a couple of motifs that I used to have. One is a crocheted butterfly, the other a rose motif.

Trudy McVey

Aug 30, 1999 16:45

Thanks for the great crochet patterns-love the dishcoth and potholder ones


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