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Cathy's Crochet

I've started to take pictures of my projects and then scan them. I'm a bit of a show off so I uploaded some of them here. Enjoy! To get a clearer view just click on the pictures.

Rudy.jpg (15598 bytes)<- This project of Rudolph bursting through a wreath is one of my favorites to work on. I've made two and am working on a third.

holly.jpg (15634 bytes)

-> Here is my cat, Holly, getting into the Christmas spirit. (Or is she just getting in my project?) :-)



Witch.jpg (12429 bytes)<- This pretty witch was quite fun to make. She stands a little over 3 feet and very pose-able.

Dish Cloth Red.jpg (15356 bytes)-> Here is a nifty dishcloth. I found the pattern in one of my crochet books. Very quick and easy to do.


heart.jpg (12005 bytes)<- For St. Valentine's Day, I made this pretty heart sachet. I filled it with strawberry potpourri.



Red Book Mark.jpg (10382 bytes)
Above is a bookmark completed for the same holiday.

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